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Tina Helmreich

The 7 areas

There are 7 areas we can work together on creating and implementing productive habits and strategies that are aligned to who you are.

Either you know what you’re looking for or you don’t. Both is fine because your desire or pain point will likely fall into one of these 7 areas linked to productivity in your life.

1. Your Mind

Handling your past,

Using your present

4. Your Emotions

The Range of Emotions,

Inner Wisdom, Intuition

2. Your Environment

Solio & Socio

(friends & family, or work)

5. Your Body

Body Intuition, Posture,

Workout Habits

7. Your Ambition

Goals, Motivation, Strengths,  Creating your future

3. Your Organization

Digital files,

Physical decluttering

6. Your Energy

Rest & Recovery,

Grounding & Energizing

Productivity is waiting for you to hop on the train.

What people are saying

Winsome Wong Hong Kong

Winsome Wong

Clerical Assistant, Urban Renewal Authority
Hong Kong SAR, China

“My motivation, my soul, and my perspectives towards past experiences and for life are deeply touched. I have more positive energy for work, my friends, and my treasured family.”

What specific part of our conversation did you like best?

She is very caring. Her detailed analysis of me gives a whole picture of my emotions and my underlying thoughts. She also suggested me some actions to break through my barriers that I am facing. This was a very high-quality mentoring & coaching session for me. I understand myself better, and still, her words light up my soul for some days afterward. Later on, we were chatting casually which is also a plus to build communication between her and me.

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