Coaching for Expats

The best time to act is now.


Expat advisory, coaching & mentoring

Whether you’re an expat, ex-expat, have lived abroad, are a multi-lingual or multi-cultural person or your spouse is from a different country and now you live in a new place:

  • We need people who GET US.
  • Who understand the fascination of living abroad.
  • Who knows what it means to start over.
  • Who knows the kind of energy it takes to arrive in a thrilling new environment. Making new friends and building everything again from scratch
  • Who knows that now we would do things differently – looking back
  • Yes, because life is all connected: Work, Friendships, Romantic Relationships, Sex, Short flings
  • “Just go back to your home country, if you wanna get paid more” – is not an alternative for you. You consciously chose to build your life in this new county. Potentially even to be with your spouse.
  • Being a French/Indian/American/”enter your origin”… living in Austria/UK/Spain/”where you are living right now”, you know how real diversity, inclusion feels and that equality matters. Making fun of someone’s accent is not a thing you would do. Cultural differences are real.

So what now? How does a highly qualified professional best shape her work and life?

I guess your story is both similar to others and unique at the same time. As you are and your interests. If this speaks to you, reach out to me. You can book your free 30 minutes call. Let’s shape your work and life together.


Celebration Expat Tina Helmreich