Carina Winter Pyrah Austria

Carina Winter

Associate at Lower Austria Economic Chamber
Mum of 2 kids, karate black-belt, interested in horses and natural healing
Pyhra, Austria

The coaching helped me to let old believes and patterns go. This was another important step to unfold my personality.

What specific part of our conversation did you like best?

What I liked best was when we “drew” my picture of my targets and how I’d like to perceive myself in the future.

Would you recommend the coaching and mindset training?

I would recommend the service because of her professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability. I really did benefit from the coaching and I think others would benefit too.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I appreciate her open and welcoming character.


My sister had told me about your methods and her experiences. I found it very exciting and also interesting, so I had no concerns before. Through the coaching, I developed more inner peace. It helped me to look at certain issues from a different perspective. I also discovered some new puzzle pieces of my life plan. I would recommend the service because Tina is very open, kind, and also empathetic. She had the right method for every matter. The coaching was familiar and professional at the same time.

Andrea Hoechtl

Office employee and creative mum

Winsome Wong Hong Kong

Winsome Wong

Clerical Assistant, Urban Renewal Authority
Hong Kong SAR, China

“My motivation, my soul, and my perspectives towards past experiences and for life are deeply touched. I have more positive energy for work, my friends, and my treasured family.”

What specific part of our conversation did you like best?

She is very caring. Her detailed analysis of me gives a whole picture of my emotions and my underlying thoughts. She also suggested me some actions to break through my barriers that I am facing. This was a very high-quality mentoring & coaching session for me. I understand myself better, and still, her words light up my soul for some days afterward. Later on, we were chatting casually which is also a plus to build communication between her and me.

I would recommend it 110%. Why? Because asking for help and guidance is what brings more clarity and success to your business. As they said, “two heads are better than one”. And with Tina, this was an amazing journey where I have learned so much on how to develop my own business from scratch. And thanks to her, this journey was not overwhelming but the contrary, full of nice experiences with a lot of guidance and information.

– on consulting for starting a business –

Female, Switzerland

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