Solutions for solopreneurs and small businesses


Online Business Consulting

Wherever you’re standing right now in the process – we’ll prioritize your goals and take action.

Whether you are a beginner and you:

  • don’t know yet what kind of business to start
  • have way too many project ideas to get started
  • are not sure whether you could make money with that idea
  • are overwhelmed with how to start and that’s keeping you from making progress. Speaking of all the governmental requirements.

Whether you are running your business for a while and you:

  • need someone to bounce off ideas
  • need help you with issues and questions you’ve been wrapping your brain around for weeks and weeks
  • need a website copy review
  • want to develop your brand identity
  • need a second set of eyes on evaluating your product-mix
  • need to shift from your initial business
  • need help to prioritize your time and resources to get your life and sanity back
  • need to be remembered why you started that crazy idea of a business
  • finally want to resist the temptation of working non-stop for your business. Because if you are honest, you feel burnt out over and over again.

I also can refer you to great people who can help you with:

  • your clothing style for brand photoshoots
  • your WordPress Website and SEO
  • upleveling your English – learn from a native teacher

The package will be uniquely fitted for you. I recommend working together over a period of at least 3 months to gain momentum. 

Woman Remote Work Consulting and Coaching by Tina Helmreich
Customer Online Business Consulting by Tina Helmreich